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The Lab Cycle: Esco Scientific Quarterly Newsletter - Issue 7, Oct - Dec 2021

Learn about our ergonomic equipment, newest innovations, and a handful of safety tips in the latest issue of The Lab Cycle Quarterly Newsletter.

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Bacterial Culturing From Glycerol Stocks

Learn the most effective way on how to preserve and store bacterial samples indefinitely.

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Esco Lifesciences Joins Healthcare+ Expo Taiwan

See you at TaiNEX 1 Exhibition Center, Taipei, Taiwan this coming December 02-05, 2021.

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Lab Refrigerator vs. Household Refrigerator: Is Cheaper Better?

Sample preservation is imperative to successful scientific research. Here's a quick run-through of the important features laboratory professionals must consider when choosing the right cold storage for their irreplaceable samples.

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Esco Lifesciences is a world-leading life science company with a diversified portfolio and sales in over 100 countries. As a manufacturer of laboratory and biopharma equipment, and IVF medical devices, Esco offers tailored solutions that fit the needs of laboratories in various industries.

Esco Lifesciences contributes to meet the challenges of the 21st century with a diverse range of business units. The company continuously innovates its products to help the clinical and industrial laboratories achieve successful conclusions in research and development, quality control, and analysis. We continue to provide reliable world-class equipment to help pharmaceutical companies make their products safer and more cost-effective. And with the increasing demand of the IVF industry, we have developed efficient ART equipment to enable equitable access to infertility care.

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