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A CO₂ incubator plays an important role in maintaining a cell culture’s sterility, temperature, humidity, and pH—parameters that are to maintain the culture’s viability.

Esco CO₂ incubators have top-notch features making it a reliable choice to cradle precious cells. We understand that every laboratory requires different specifications, hence, various options from filter installation, sterilization cycle, UV lamp installation, chamber material, external construction material, down to O₂ control is available for customers to choose from.

Must-have features to consider:

  • Fast CO₂, temperature, and humidity recovery without overshoot
  • Best uniformity and control among competition
  • VentiFlow™ forced convection accelerates recovery of chamber air to ISO Class 5 Cleanliness after door closing to prevent contamination.
  • Filtered air circulates across the humidity pan to accelerate the humidifying process.
  • Air flows gently around culture plates, causing no disturbance to cell culture.
  • Blower automatically stops when the door is opened, to minimize mixing of chamber and room air.
  • Comprehensive user-configurable alarms for all the parameters.
  • CelAlert™ alarm system reminds the user to replace CO₂ tank and ULPA filter.
  • Intelligent data and event logger records all incubator parameters for on-screen recall.
  • 2 MB built-in flash memory guarantees long term storage of data.
  • Diagnostic interface and online quick help provide comprehensive solutions to frequently encountered problems.
  • Ductwork, plenums, and shelves are removable without tools.


CO₂ incubator with 90°C MOIST HEAT DECONTAMINATION cycle has been proven in deactivating normally resistant fungi, bacterial spores and vegetative cells by the Health Protection Agency (HPA) in UK. Chamber is cool and dry at the end of full 15-hr decontamination cycle. No further wipe down is needed.


180°C HIGH HEAT STERILIZATION conforms to the International Standards for dry heat sterilization and proven to effectively deactivate normally-resistant fungi, bacterial spore and vegetative cells. Nontoxic and noncorrosive sterilization that completes within 12 hours leaving the chamber cool and dry at the end of the cycle.

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