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Esco Lifesciences Taiwan Co., Ltd.
to Join BIO Asia-Taiwan 2022 Exhibition

As this has become an annual tradition, we look forward to meeting you at Booth S523!

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Location Guidelines for Airflow Containment Equipment

Learn about the importance of airflow containment device placement and how optimal airflow can be achieved inside a laboratory.

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Online Esco Biosafety Cabinet Service Training for Lab Brands, Colombia

Check out the successful online technical service training of Esco Lifesciences to Lab Brands, Colombia.

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Copper (Cu) vs. Silver (Ag): Which Has Better Antimicrobial Properties?

Learn the significance of copper and silver against pathogenic microorganisms and which elemental metal retains its efficacy when subjected to a wide temperature and humidity range.

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Ensure Equipment Safety with Esco Services

Esco Lifesciences provides world-class support solutions. Find out the list of products and services we can offer to your laboratory.

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Welcome to Esco Lifesciences!
A world-leading manufacturer and service provider of life science tools

Esco Lifesciences is a world-leading life science company with a diversified portfolio and sales in over 100 countries. As a manufacturer of laboratory and biopharma equipment, and IVF medical devices, Esco offers tailored solutions that fit the needs of laboratories in various industries.

Esco Lifesciences contributes to meet the challenges of the 21st century with a diverse range of business units. The company continuously innovates its products to help the clinical and industrial laboratories achieve successful conclusions in research and development, quality control, and analysis. We continue to provide reliable world-class equipment to help pharmaceutical companies make their products safer and more cost-effective. And with the increasing demand of the IVF industry, we have developed efficient ART equipment to enable equitable access to infertility care.

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