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Esco List of NSF Accredited BSC Field Certifiers

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NSF Accredited Biosafety Cabinet Field Certifiers ​

The listed individuals have successfully completed both written and practical examinations, demonstrating the ability to perform the tests listed in annex F of NSF/ANSI 49.​

Country Name Esco Office Certificate Number Date of Initial Accreditation Expiry Date Additional Service Locations
Bangladesh Md Jinnatur Rahman Esco Lifesciences (Bangladesh) Pvt., Ltd. C0424385-01​ 2019-01-10​ 2024-01-10​ None​
China Di Zhang​ Esco (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. C0496801-02​ 2019-08-26​ 2024-08-26​ None​
Indonesia Abriyadi Moeljadi​ PT Esco Utama​ C0227466-02​ 2014-09-12​ 2024-09-12​ None​
Indonesia Jonathan Adi Putra Chairul​ PT Esco Utama​ C0499230-01​ 2020-01-30​ 2025-01-30​ None​
Korea Chanwon Bae​ Esco Korea Micro Pte Ltd.​ C0243179-03​ 2016-08-31​ 2021-08-31​ None​
Korea Moonseop Keum​ Esco Korea Micro Pte Ltd.​ C0424386-01​ 2018-07-26​ 2023-07-26​ None​
Malaysia Ahmad Asyraf Bin Ahmad Kamal​ Esco Micro (M) Sdn Bhd​ C0541609-01​ 2020-02-12​ 2025-02-12​ None​
Malaysia Jason Tham Yee Yew​ Esco Micro (M) Sdn Bhd​ C0090082-04​ 2011-10-14​ 2021-10-14​ International​
Philippines Darrel Daquila Nogodula​ Esco Philippines Inc.​ C0424382-01​ 2018-08-13​ 2023-08-13​ Philippines, International​​
Singapore Ahmad Marican​ Esco Micro Pte Ltd.​ C0234780-01​ 2016-01-27​ 2021-01-27​ Myanmar, Cambodia, Brunei Darussalam, Lao People'S Democratic Republic​​
Singapore Bugarin Clifford Catipay​ Esco Micro Pte Ltd.​ C0130560-02​ 2013-03-07​ 2023-03-07​ Singapore, International​​
Singapore Heah Kian Huat Alvin​ Esco Micro Pte Ltd.​ C0227164-02​ 2014-09-30​ 2024-09-30​ International​
Singapore Kenny Chee Siang Lin​ Esco Micro Pte Ltd.​ C0089986-03​ 2011-10-17​ 2021-10-17​ International​
Singapore Michael Ballesteros Cruzado​ Esco Micro Pte Ltd.​ C0227132-03​ 2014-09-18​ 2024-09-18​ Singapore, International​​
Singapore Ooi Kai Siang​ Esco Micro Pte Ltd.​ C0505061-01​ 2019-09-05​ 2024-09-05​ None​​
Singapore Seow Poh Seah​ Esco Micro Pte Ltd.​ C0090938-02​ 2011-10-18​ 2021-10-18​ Singapore, International​​
Singapore Sri Ramanathan Vadivelan​ Esco Micro Pte Ltd.​ C0423058-01​ 2018-07-20​ 2023-07-20​ None​
Singapore Timothy John Rivera​ Esco Micro Pte Ltd.​ C0227106-02​ 2014-12-11​ 2024-12-11​ Singapore, International​​
Singapore Zulkifli Bin Abdul Aziz​ Esco Micro Pte Ltd.​ C0423057-01​ 2019-08-12​ 2024-08-12​ None​
Singapore​ Michael Ian Malong​ Esco Micro Pte Ltd.​ C0234901-03​ 2017-01-12​ 2022-01-12​ International​
South Africa​ Nelson de Freitas​ Esco Technologies (Pty) Ltd.​ C0354014-01​ 2017-09-19​ 2022-09-19​ None​
Taiwan Chen Chung-Yu​ Esco Lifesciences Taiwan Co., Ltd.​ C0423068-01​ 2018-11-26​ 2023-11-26​ None​
Taiwan Chen Guan-Ting​ Esco Lifesciences Taiwan Co., Ltd.​ C0540741-01​ 2020-02-10​ 2025-02-10​ None​
Taiwan Shih-Yao Chao​ Esco Lifesciences Taiwan Co., Ltd.​ C0540746-01​ 2020-02-20​ 2025-02-20​ None​​
Thailand Keerati Narach​ Esco Lifesciences (Thailand) Co., Ltd.​ C0353891-01​ 2017-09-06​ 2022-09-06​ Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Lao People's Democratic Republic​​