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Animal Research Workstation

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Laboratory animal workstation plays an important role in providing operator and environmental protection during animal handling for clinical researches. This workstation protects the operator from viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, hazardous substances, toxins, allergens, anesthetic gases, and physical injuries.

Esco's animal research workstations are top-grade, ELISA-verified containment. Its low noise level, energy-efficient DC ECM blower, and ULPA filter make it the leading animal workstation in the market.

Must-have features to consider:

  • Low noise level for quiet operation, comfortable for the user and animals
  • Equipped with an energy-efficient motor/blower
  • Cost-effective ULPA filter (ISO class 3 work zone) with >99.999% efficiency at 0.1-0.3 μm which is 10x better compared to HEPA filter
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use microprocessor-based controller
  • ELISA-verified containment that provides >99% protection against allergens
  • Monitors real-time airflow that alerts user if airflow is insufficient
  • Comfortable leg-room

Bedding disposal animal workstations are specifically designed to protect the personnel and the lab environment from exposure to allergens and unpleasant odors. The industry-exclusive hydraulic height-adjustable stand allows the work surface height to be adjusted to user preference therefore minimizing strain during repetitive operations. An integrated waste container enables direct disposal of waste items within the work zone offering simpler, safer, and more productive cage cleaning and bedding disposal procedures.

Dual access animal workstations aim to provide operator comfort and prevent the lab animals from being agitated during cage transfer. This equipment has a legroom on both sides to allow two operators to work while doing cage transfer comfortably. It also has an internal work zone is divided into two by an air curtain that allows transfer of animals from a "dirty" to a "clean" area.

Universal animal workstations employ two independently balanced ULPA filtration modules to protect animals inside the enclosure from exposure to airborne particulates/ambient contamination, as well as, the operator from exposure to allergens and other potentially hazardous materials. It has an ergonomically sloped front design and integrated carbon filters to remove emitted odors which provides operator protection during operations.

The latest VIVA® G4 (VA2 G4) provides a high level of containment with the use of ECM motor technology (DC motor). VA2 G4 protects animals inside the work zone from exposure to airborne particulates/ambient contamination.

VIVA® Bedding Disposal Workstations VBD-4A_
VIVA® Bedding Disposal Animal Workstation


  • ELISA-verified containment
  • ULPA Filter and carbon filter to absorb odor
  • Motorized height stand
  • Integrated waste bin
  • Available size: 4ft
VIVA® Dual Access Containment Workstation VDA-_A_
VIVA® Dual Access Animal Workstations


  • Lowest energy
  • Lowest noise at ≤ 53 dBA
  • Legroom in both sides
  • ELISA tested
  • Available size: 4ft and 5ft
VIVA® Universal Animal Workstations VA2-_A_-E
VIVA® Universal Animal Workstations


  • ELISA-verified containment
  • ULPA Filter and carbon filter to adsorb odor
  • Biosafety cabinet class II containment
  • ISO Class 3 work zone
  • Available size: 4ft and 6ft
Viva® G4 Animal Containment Workstation VA2-S G4
VIVA® G4 Animal Containment Workstation


  • Dimmable LED lighting system
  • Centurion touchscreen controller
  • Standby height that activates standby mode sustaining ISO Class 3 work zone as the fan runs at half speed
  • USB port to relay operational parameters to Building Management System (BMS)
  • Remote Modbus
  • Default cable port
  • Optional 21 CFR Compliance
  • 12” sash working height for mouse and rat cages
  • ELISA-proven containment
  • Pre-filter rack for capturing animal dander
  • Equipped with DC ECM blower for up to 70% energy savings
  • Low power consumption
  • Available width sizes: 4 ft and 6 ft

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