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Safety should be the Epidemic.​

Like the diseases we combat every day, safety must be transmitted and spread worldwide!​


Esco is an advocate for safe lab work practices, whether the risk is biological, chemical or cytotoxic in nature. Laboratory personnel that are always exposed to these hazards run the risk of acquiring diseases and getting into laboratory accidents. Proper laboratory management and practices are also often overlooked in laboratories. Without the proper knowledge and awareness, a controlled environment can become a less safe place for the people and the environment.

A key facet of our program is offering safety-related seminars around the world. These short seminars are non-commercial in scope and can be held on-site at your facility, subject to schedule availability. Our distribution network in more than 100 countries means that an Esco Specialist is never far away. ​​

Laboratory / Life Science
  • Biosafety Awareness
  • Chemical Safety Awareness
  • Working Safely with Laboratory Products (cold storage equipment, lab centrifuge, shakers, thermostatic products)
Who may attend?
  • Lab Personnel
  • Researchers
  • Teachers and Students
  • Safe Handling of Hazardous Drugs on Healthcare Settings
  • Fundamentals of Sterile Compounding
  • Radiopharmaceuticals Handling in Healthcare Settings
Who may attend?
  • Pharmacists / Pharmacy Technicians
  • Compounding Personnel
  • Radiopharmacists / Nuclear Medicine Technologists
  • Lab Personnel
  • Researchers
Medical / IVF
  • MIRI TL workshop
  • Benefits and Features of Time-Lapse Technology
  • Improving Embryo Culture Management
Who may attend?
  • Biology majors/ students
  • Embryologists
  • IVF lab clinicians/ technicians
  • Reproductive medicine practitioners
  • IVF Professionals
  • Introduction to Tide Motion
  • Introduction to Stirred Tank Bioreactors
  • Speeding Up Vaccine Development with Bioreactors
  • Stem Cell Therapy with 3D Culture
  • The WHYs and HOWs of Adherent Culture in Bioreactors
  • Egg-based vs Cell-based Culture for Vaccine Production
Who may attend?
  • Laboratory Personnel
  • Scientists and Researchers
  • Teachers and Students
  • Biotechnology and Healthcare Professionals

Training Courses​

We conduct training courses at Esco headquarters in Singapore and Indonesia. These facilities are fully equipped for product demonstration and service training. Occasionally, physical and online courses are offered at other Esco offices.

Our trainers are NSF 49-certified engineers with years of hands-on design, manufacturing, testing and troubleshooting experience.​ ​​

  • Laminar Flow and Biosafety Cabinet Technology Course
  • Basic Certification of Biosafety and Laminar Flow Cabinets
  • Biosafety / Laminar Flow / Isolator / Animal Containment Service Training
  • Biosafety / Laminar Flow / Isolator / Animal Containment Advanced Service Training
  • PCR Thermal Cycler Service Training
  • Fume Hoods Certification and Service
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