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Worldwide Installations of Cold Storage Solutions


Esco is proud to take part in the global efforts to sustain the response to COVID-19. We have been providing world-leading and internationally certified equipment used in viral testing. And now that the vaccines are gradually made available in different parts of the world, we are committed to supplying efficient cold storage solutions for vaccine storage.

The cold chain, sometimes referred to as the vaccine supply chain poses great importance in keeping vaccines within their required temperatures, from the point of manufacture to the point of administration. Appropriate vaccine storage and handling practices play a vital role in protecting individuals and communities from vaccine-preventable diseases. Vaccines are sensitive biological products and their potency can reduce when exposed to inappropriate temperatures. Once lost, vaccine potency cannot be regained. Thus, vaccines must be protected from temperature extremes to maintain quality. A reliable cold storage is a key factor in maintaining the efficacy of these temperature-sensitive products.

Engineered with excellent and effective cooling technology, our wide range of cold storage solutions are exceedingly reliable and qualified to support the COVID-19 vaccine race and its challenges in cold chain management and distribution. Various institutions worldwide have chosen Esco to provide reliable cold chain solutions for vaccine storage. We are beyond grateful to spare no effort in providing support and assistance to our customers. Here are some global installations of our cold chain solutions to help suffice the needs in vaccine storage.


Esco Cold Chain Solutions Installations

Esco Cold Chain Solutions Installations



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