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Ensure Equipment Safety with Esco Services


Laboratory equipment must be serviced and tested regularly to ensure safety, optimal performance, and compliance with international standards, regulations, and good manufacturing practices. Not following the recommended maintenance schedule may cause an increased downtime, lower efficiency, shorter shelf life, and more expensive service costs. Esco Lifesciences understands the hustle of laboratory work life, which is why we have NSF, TÜV-NORD, NEBB, IFBA, and CETA-CNBT Certified Service Engineers who have extensive training and experience in providing services to various equipment globally.

As the global leading service provider, Esco Lifesciences is certified to recognized international standards such as:

  • North America (NSF 49)
  • Europe (EN 12469, TUV tested)
  • Japan (JIS K3800)
  • Australia (AS 2252.2)
  • China (SFDA YY0569)

Our engineers specialize not only in Esco products and services but also in other brands of equipment, including clean air and containment installations.

Services Offered

Type of Service Products

Re-certification and preventive maintenance

Biosafety cabinet

Laminar flow cabinet

PCR cabinet

Animal research workstation

Ducted and ductless fume hood

Powder weighing balance enclosure

Laboratory oven and incubator

CO₂ incubator

Laboratory refrigerator and freezer

Ultra-low temperature freezer

PCR thermal cycler


Water bath*

Digital thermostation*

Glass thermometer*

Muffle furnace*

Supply and installation

UV lamp

Fluorescent lamp

Filters (HEPA, ULPA, Carbon, V-bank)

Decontamination and troubleshooting

Biosafety cabinet

Laboratory decontamination


Pharmaceutical equipment

Medical equipment

Cold storage equipment

General laboratory equipment

Filter replacement

Airflow cabinets


Pharmaceutical equipment

Medical equipment

Airflow cabinets

Cleanroom products

Powder containment unit


Water bath*

Equipment assessment/site visit


*Product not available in Esco Lifesciences

We are with you in keeping your laboratory products and personnel safe. Contact us for service inquiries!