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News › Esco Medical incubators now SMDR registered!

Esco Medical incubators now SMDR registered!


The Esco Miri® Time-Lapse Incubator and the Miri® Multiroom incubator are now registered in the Singapore Medical Device Registry (SMDR), a database of all medical devices registered for use in human being under the Singapore Health Product Act (Medical Device Regulation). This a testament that Esco Medical has been able to demonstrate the quality, safety and performance of these incubators for supply.

The Miri TL and Miri are benchtop CO2 incubators that have (6) individual chambers with independent temperature-regulation systems to ensure optimal embryo development condition. The Miri TL has a built-in microscope and camera generates images for embryo monitoring and evaluation. Both incubators have built-in gas mixer,  gas recirculation, HEPA- VOC filtration and UV light. 


About the Singapore Health Products Act (HPA)

The Health Products Act was introduced in 2007 with the following purposes: to provide for the categorization of health products in accordance with their different characteristics and uses; to provide the framework for a uniform approach for the registration of health products; and the regulation of the manufacture, import, supply, storage, presentation and advertisement of health products to allow for each category of health product to be registered and regulated by reference to its formulation, composition, design specification, quality, safety and efficacy and within the framework provided by this Act; and to prescribe the standards for health products in relation to their formulation, composition, design specification, quality, safety, efficacy and presentation.


About Esco Medical

Esco Medical is the leading manufacturer and innovator of high-quality equipment such as long-term embryo incubators, ART workstations, Anti-Vibration Table, Time-Lapse incubators and is continuously developing advanced technologies to meet the increasing demand of the IVF industry. Most products are designed in Denmark and made in the EU. Esco Medical is a business unit of the Esco Group of Companies, which is a global life sciences tools provider in containment, clean air, pharmaceutical, and laboratory equipment technologies with active sales in over 100 countries and direct company offices in the top ten geospecific markets.