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Esco Raises Biosafety Awareness in Melaka


Esco Micro (M) Sdn Bhd conducted a Biosafety Awareness Seminar at The Pines Hotel, Melaka last September 4, 2019. The seminar focused on safe handling of Biological Safety Cabinet, Laminar Flow Cabinet, and Fume Hood and was facilitated by Southern Region Manager, Chua Shook Chin.

End-users in the Biosafety Awareness seminar in Melaka

End-users from universities, industries, government and private hospitals, attended and eagerly participated in the seminar.

Esco Laboratory equipment such as: Streamline® Biosafety Cabinet, Airstream® Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet, Frontier® Duo Fume Hood, Ascent™ Ductless Fume Hood, HP Series Refrigerator, Lexicon® II Ultra Low Temperature Freezer, Celculture® CO2 Incubator, Orbicult™ Shaker, Versati™ Centrifuge, Isotherm® Incubator and Oven were displayed during the event. This hands-on experience helps promote product awareness and increase product knowledge. Esco Service Engineers were also present to conduct a demonstration on proper maintenance and testing.

Esco Micro (M) Sdn Bhd conducted a Biosafety Awareness Semina

We are grateful that we are given another opportunity to share our expertise to our partners in the industry. Let us work hand in hand in spreading Safety Awareness all over Malaysia.