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Miri TL and Miri fashioned after your perfect body


A woman’s body is created to nurture and safely carry a baby. With the changes it undergoes throughout the time of pregnancy, you will be truly amazed on how the body responds to provide the best incubation environment for the embryo.

Miri and Miri TL Embryo Incubators

Esco Medical created the Miri and Miri TL after a woman’s perfect body. It is equipped with advanced features that mimic the environment of a mother’s physiological conditions during early embryonic development. 

The Miri TL and Miri improves on the concept of the Silent Embryo Hypothesis by further minimizing stressful factors that may be introduced when taking the dishes out of the incubator. It has excellent recovery rates, unique and stable incubation environment, HEPA/VOC filtration system, and excellent quality control features that help your embryo to develop to its full potential.