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Special Preventive Maintenance Service Promo


ULPA and HEPA filters of a Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC) get saturated and may form microtears over time. The filter’s condition can be assessed through a filter leak test during a routine annual certification of the BSC. The life span of a biosafety cabinet’s filter depends on the frequency of usage and samples used. It is recommended to schedule a filter replacement every 4 years as part of the preventive maintenance action.

For laboratories handling SARS-CoV-2, lab professionals’ safety should not be compromised in any way. It is with utmost importance that the BSC is working well and provides the biohazard protection to the users and environment. Hence, Esco Services recommends replacing the ULPA/HEPA filters yearly for those who are working with clinical specimen for COVID-19 testing. A special preventive maintenance promo for our valued customers is available.

Attain peace of mind while working with your biosafety cabinets by minimizing the risks coming from possible filter leaks and airflow-related issues.

Promo Mechanics:

  1. Duration of the promo applies during pandemic only.
  2. This promo is open to all customers who own an Esco biosafety cabinet. Contact your local Esco representative for non-Esco brands.
  3. Special promo may vary per office. Contact your local Esco representative to learn more.

Terms and conditions apply.