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Test for Purity, Guarantee your Safety


Testing for Gold's purity, involves the use of strong acids. Gold is a noble metal that is resistant to change by corrosion, oxidation, or acids. In order to distinguish gold from other base metals, the gold-containing item is rubbed on a black stone/surface which will leave a visible mark. Nitric Acid is then applied to the mark. If it easily dissolves, the item is not Gold. If the mark remains, Aqua Regia (Nitric Acid and Hydrochloric Acid) is then applied. If mark is removed then this test proves the gold is genuine.

When testing for gold's purity, strong acids are used. It is highly advisable to work in a properly ventilated area or use a fume hood. Since the amount of chemicals needed are minimal, a ductless fume hood is a more suitable option, especially for small banks or small laboratory spaces.

Ductless Fume hoods are ventilation devices designed to provide protection from toxic chemical fumes. Unlike conventional hoods, Ductless Fume hoods do not require a make-up air and installation system. It uses carbon filters to remove chemical odors and toxic vapors.. These hoods are highly promoted because it is convenient to use, it promotes energy-savings and it can easily be relocated.