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The All-in-One Solution For Every Cell Processing Need


A Cell Processing Isolator (CPI) is an integrated system that combines several types of equipment into one isolated solution. General bioprocessing equipment such as CO2 incubator and centrifuge can be integrated in the isolator. These equipment are usually used in a virus/vaccine production facility or cell therapy applications for advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMP).

As a cGMP isolator and an aseptic containment system, it is pressure tested and is capable of biodecontamination procedure. The CPI is designed to isolate the process to ensure operator safety, without compromising the product quality. It also provides the sterile environment (ISO Class 5/Grade A) that is required in carrying out aseptic processes.

It is easily customizable to meet the requirements of each client. Conversion of CPI into an isolator incubator is also available with temperature, relative humidity, CO2 , N2 , and suppressed O2 control.

Other options include temperature and CO2 control, Esco cell therapy equipment, or as a stand alone isolator with third party equipment.

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