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Microplate Shaker/Incubator

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Provocell™ Microplate Shaker/Incubator


Provocell™ Microplate Shaker/Incubator

Esco Provocell™ Microplate Shaker/Incubator is designed for a wide variety of mixing applications for accurate incubation of reactions and denaturation of nucleic acids and proteins. Provocell™ combines an advanced microprocessor-based controller with Peltier technology that permits rapid switching between heating and cooling with accurate temperature control and block uniformity. It can be used on the benchtop or in a biological safety or laminar flow cabinet without the contamination risk associated with conventional water- or liquid-cooling baths.

Provocell™ Microplate Shaker/Incubator has special, stress-release ceramics that prevent block damage resulting from rapid temperature changes, prolonging block lifespan. Its system is environmentally friendly, maintenance-free and uses no refrigerants or coolants.


Advanced Peltier Heating and Cooling Technology

  • Qualified to deliver outstanding and precise performance
  • Excellent temperature uniformity

Friendly Interface

  • Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) gives the user a clear view of the current temperature, speed and time

Uniform Mixing

  • Smooth and stable orbital rotation
  • The sample block is mounted to the main body using 4 bolts to enhance stability.


Model CodeDescription
PV-PVC-2Provocell™ Micro Incubator 110 VAC
PV-PVC-1Provocell™ Micro Incubator 220 VAC


Model CodeDescription
PV-BLC-1Provocell™ Incubator Block 1 (1.5 ml x 40)
PV-BLC-2Provocell™ Incubator Block 2 (0.2 ml x 96)
PV-BLC-3Provocell™ Incubator Block 3 (0.5 ml x 54)
PV-BLC-4Provocell™ Incubator Block 4 (15 mm x 24)
PV-BLC-5Provocell™ Incubator Block 5 (96 Well ELISA Board)
PV-BLC-6Provocell™ Incubator Block 6 (26 x 0.5 ml + 24 x 1.5 ml)
PV-BLC-7Provocell™ Incubator Block 7 (2 ml x 40)