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Versati™ Tabletop Ventilated Centrifuge


Versati™ Tabletop Ventilated Centrifuge

A tabletop centrifuge is a medium-capacity centrifuge used for the separation of milliliter heterogeneous mixtures or samples. This device works by spinning the samples loaded in various rotor types at high speed. It undergoes a centrifugation process which involves the use of centrifugal force for the separation of particles or macromolecules.

Pelleting of large volume of heterogeneous mixtures are now easier, safer, and high-yielding with the Versati™ Tabletop Ventilated Centrifuges. Esco tabletop centrifuge excels with its versatility, running features, and easy handling; developed with your molecular biology, biotechnology, and clinical routine applications in mind.

It can act as a different type of centrifuge to meet all your application needs with its various rotor types: fixed-angle (up to 6 x 250 ml), swing-bucket (up to 4 x 250 ml), and a microtiter plate rotor (up to 6 plates).


Intelligent Versati™ Microprocessor Control System

  • Big rotary knob and buttons— convenient for rotation and operation.
  • Large LCD screen with clear indication of running condition

Genuine-Protec™ Safety Lid Design

  • Provides a real safe protection

V-balance™ Weight Imbalance Protection

  • Automatic imbalance recognition

Smartdrive™ Rotor Auto Recognition

  • Restricts installed rotor from setting beyond the maximum speed for motor protection

Maintenance-free Brushless Motor

  • German-originated motor— requiring neither bearing replacement nor change oil

Isocide™ Antimicrobial Powder Coating

  • Eliminates 99.9% of surface bacteria within 24 hours of exposure


Item CodeModel CodeDescription
2220005TCV-1500-8Tabletop Centrifuge Ventilated 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
2220006TCV-1500-9Tabletop Centrifuge Ventilated 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz


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