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PCR Thermal Cycler

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Aeris™ PCR Thermal Cycler


Aeris™ PCR Thermal Cycler

Polymerase chain reaction refers to a test tube system for DNA replication that allows a "target" DNA sequence to be selectively amplified. Typically, PCR consists of a series of 20–40 repeated temperature changes, called cycles, with each cycle, commonly consisting of 2–3 discrete temperature steps.

The Aeris™ Thermal Cycler is proven reliable with its improved software functions. This thermal cycler has a user-friendly interface that allows easier control of the PCR protocol to achieve optimized PCR results. It also offers 5 interchangeable blocks designed to meet critical requirements for different applications. And suits a variety of consumable PCR tubes, strips, plates, and slides.


AeonStar™ Peltier

  • Qualified to deliver outstanding and precise performance

IsoHeat™ Temperature Control Technology

  • Delivering high heating and cooling rates with excellent temperature accuracy and uniformity

SmartDrive™ Automatic Block Recognition

  • Increases user convenience

AerisLine™ Software

  • Enables the remote control of up to 30 individual units via one PC.

Password Protection

  • For secure system access


Model CodeDescription
AERIS-MBAeris™ Thermal Cycler Main Body (100-240 VAC)


Model CodeDescription
AERIS-BG096Aeris™ Thermal Cycler Block (96 x 0.2 ml): 0.2 ml tube, 96-well microplate, 12 x 8 strips, 8 x 12 strips
AERIS-B4830Aeris™ Thermal Cycler Combined Block (48 x 0.2 ml + 30 x 0.5 ml): 0.2 ml tubes, 0.5 ml tubes, 4 x 12 strips
AERIS-BG384Aeris™ Thermal Cycler Block (384 wells): 384-well microplate
AERIS-BD048 Aeris™ Thermal Cycler Dual Block (48 x 0.2 ml): 0.2 ml tubes, 6 x 8 strips
AERIS-B4076Aeris™ Thermal Cycler (4 slides in situ)

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