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PCR Thermal Cycler

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Swift™ ProGene Real-time PCR Thermal Cyclers


Swift™ ProGene Real-time PCR Thermal Cyclers

Real-time PCR thermal cyclers provide a system for the efficient amplification of nucleic acids in vitro, while offering capability to monitoring the PCR reaction in real-time.

Esco Swift™ PCR Thermal Cyclers also provide the capability for quantifying and estimating the original concentration of the template. It is designed with fast heating/cooling rate for faster run time and offers independent temperature control for accurate results.


Touchscreen Display

  • Large display allows for stand-alone operation or can import programs through USB port

Multiple Configurations

  • Variety of PCR applications can be performed including: quantification, SNP, and HRM analysis.

6 Channels

  • Standard 5 channels plus additional for user customization, allowing specific detection of particular wavelength.

Automatic Sample Cavity

  • Automatic insertion and ejection of PCR plates or tubes to the system.


Item CodeModel CodeDescription
2210039SWT-PG-96Swift™ ProGene, Real-time PCR, 110-240 VAC