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Product Appendix

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Products Years of Warranty
Esco Scientific
Animal Research Workstations 3 years limited
Biological Safety Cabinets 2 years limited for Streamline®
3 years limited for non Streamline® models
CO2 Incubators 2 years limited
Ducted Fume Hoods 2 years limited
Ductless Fume Hoods 2 years limited
Laboratory Centrifuge 2 years limited
Laboratory Freezer 2 years limited
Laboratory Ovens and Incubators 1 year limited
Laboratory Refrigerator 2 years limited
Laminar Flow Cabinets 1 year limited for Streamline®
3 years limited for non Streamline® models
Orbital Shaker 1 year limited
PCR Cabinets 3 years limited
PCR Thermal Cyclers 2 years limited for MiniPro, Aeris, Swift Progene
1 year limited Swift Extract
1 year limited Swift Provocell
Ultra-low Temperature Freezer 5 years limited
5 years on compressor
Esco Pharma
Cleanroom Equipment 1 year limited
Containment/Pharma Products 1 year limited
Cytotoxic Cabinet 3 years limited
Esco Medical
Anti-Vibration Table 2 years limited
Dry Incubator 2 years limited
Gas and Temperature Validation Unit 2 years limited
Humidity Incubator 2 years limited
Multi-Zone ART Workstation 2 years limited
Multiroom Incubator 2 years limited for MIRI® and MIRI® II
Time-Lapse Incubator 2 years limited

Note: The warranty periods may vary by country. Contact your local distributor for specific warranty details.

For international distributors, warranty period starts two months from the date the equipment is shipped from Esco facility. This allows shipping time so the warranty will go into effect at approximately the same time the equipment is delivered to the user. The warranty protection extends to any subsequent owner during the warranty period. Distributors who stock Esco equipment are allowed an additional four months for delivery and installation, providing the product is registered with Esco. User can register their products online at or complete the warranty registration form included with each product.

Policy updated on 1st January 2015 (This limited warranty policy applies to products purchased on and after 1st January 2015)