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CO₂ Incubator

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Given the precise measurement and control of temperature and CO2 level, as well as the multiple contamination control methods of CO2 incubator, the condition of this equipment may change if it’s not properly maintained. Proper maintenance of the CO2 Incubator increases its life expectancy, and this will ensure that the unit will provide optimum growth and development of cells. That is why maintaining every CO2 Incubator in the laboratory is a must.

CO₂ Incubator Service


This procedure includes decontamination of incubator inner chamber as needed.


Esco provides customers Installation Qualification/ Operation Qualification (IQ/OQ) protocol of our products. Esco can also perform these services directly on behalf of its customers or arrange them through independent approved local certifiers. The availability may vary from country to country and region to region. Also, Esco can train customer employees to perform IQ / OQ.

Preventive Maintenance and Validation

This procedure ensures the unit's optimal performance and includes the ff:

  • checking of CO2, O2 / N2 gas tank level
  • checking of water level in the humidity pan
  • cleaning of the interior and exterior of incubator
  • calibration of temperature, CO2, O2 and humidity sensors
  • replacement of ULPA filter, inline filters, UV lamp, and outer door magnetic gasket
  • temperature variation and fluctuation tests

Troubleshooting and Parts Replacement

Esco provides replacements for consumable elements as well as any components that might fail while the product is in service.

  • ULPA Filter
  • Inlet Filter
  • Outer Door Magnetic Gasket
  • UV Lamp (if applicable)
  • Sensors