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A laboratory shaker is a general equipment used for shaking and mixing procedures in the laboratory. Shakers are ideal for chemistry and biological applications like bacterial suspension, solubility, growth of bacteria and yeast, extraction procedures, washing procedures, diagnostics tests, hybridization, general mixing, staining and destaining, mixing and extracting.

For your equipment to work optimally, regular testing and maintenance should be done at least annually. During performance testing, Esco conducts physical checks on the unit and calibrates the speed and temperature. The performance testing is conducted based on manufacturer’s specification.

Shaker Service


Esco provides customers Installation Qualification/ Operation Qualification (IQ/OQ) protocol of our products. Esco can also perform these services directly on behalf of its customers or arrange them through independent approved local certifiers. The availability may vary from country to country and region to region. Also, Esco can train customer employees to perform IQ / OQ.

Preventive Maintenance

This procedure includes general inspection and calibration of speed and temperature— all necessary for optimal functioning of the unit.


This procedure includes decontamination of shaker platform as needed.

Troubleshooting and Parts Replacement

Esco provides replacements for consumable elements as well as any components that might fail while the product is in service.