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Biological Safety Cabinet

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Biosafety Cabinet provides safety to users who are working with infectious agents or pathogens. It also ensures that materials will not be contaminated with external contaminants. Esco conducts performance testing in accordance with the following international standards to make sure that the equipment works as intended:

  • NSF49 (American Standard)
  • EN12469 (European Standard/British Standard)
  • AS 2242.2 (Australian Standard)
  • JIS K3800 (Japanese Standard)
Biological Safety Cabinet Service


Downflow velocity test measures the downward movement of the air in the cabinet. It also determines the performance of the blower/s.

Filter integrity test verifies the continued efficiency of the filter by introducing particulates and measuring the output.

Inflow velocity test measures the inlet volumetric flow rate at the front aperture at nominal operating speed.

Light intensity test determines fluorescent lamp’s light intensity from the front to back centerline work surface level of the cabinet.

Noise level test is used to obtain the noise level of the cabinet during normal operation.*

Site Assessment Test evaluates the location if it meets the cabinet's installation requirements.

UV intensity test determines the light intensity of the UV lamp from the front to back centerline work surface level of the cabinet.*

*This test is optional for field testing.


Decontamination guarantees ready and safe usage of Biosafety Cabinets after installation, relocation, or filter replacement. It is done through exposing the work surfaces, exhaust filters, surfaces of the air plenums, and the fan unit to formaldehyde or hydrogen peroxide gas.


Esco provides customers Installation Qualification/ Operation Qualification (IQ/OQ) protocol of our products. Esco can also perform these services directly on behalf of its customers or arrange them through independent approved local certifiers. The availability may vary from country to country and region to region. Also, Esco can train customer employees to perform IQ / OQ.

Preventive Maintenance

This includes cleaning the work surface and walls with appropriate disinfectant agent, removing of stubborn stains or spots on working surface, testing of audible and visual alarms, and checking of the cabinet’s mechanical and electrical functionality for any defect.

Troubleshooting and Parts Replacement

Esco provides replacements for consumable elements as well as any components that might fail while the product is in service.

  • Blower
  • Control System Membrane
  • Downflow filter
  • Exhaust Filter
  • Fluorescent Light
  • Sensors
  • Tempered Glass / Sash
  • UV Lamp